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Marketing News: Taylor Swift Condemned For Copying Kenzo Ad

By Khim | 15 Mar 2018

Pop queen Taylor Swift dropped her new music video for “Delicate’ on 12 March and found herself errr… swiftly… being […]

Marketing News: Malaysia Scores Own Goal With Luis Suarez CNY Greeting

By Khim | 22 Feb 2018

Tourism Malaysia has been caught offside with this hilarious tweet by brand ambassador Luis Suarez (on 16 Feb 2018) wishing his […]

Marketing News: Game Of Thrones’ Hodor In Viral Ad For KFC

By Khim | 11 Jul 2017

KFC has just launched (on 3 July 2017) this brilliant new ad in the UK featuring Hodor (Kristian Nairn) from […]

Marketing News: Oscar-winning director shoots Apple ad using only iPhone!

By Khim | 03 Jul 2017

Apple has just launched (on 29 Jun 2017) a 11-minute ad that’s shot entirely using the iPhone 7 Plus. Called […]

Marketing News: Ad agency McCann fired over copycat ad

By Khim | 20 Jun 2017

Ad agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines has been accused of copying a 2014 ad from South Africa with “Sights”, their latest work […]

Marketing News: Boyz II Men Make Chronic Flatulence Sound Good!

By Khim | 14 Jun 2017

Philly’s favourite sons, Boyz II Men, can make pretty much anything sound good — including medical side effects like “dizziness, […]

Marketing News: KFC’s Col Sanders Appears in Yearbook with 30 Other Celebs!

By Khim | 07 Jun 2017

Fellow marketeers, you might want to remember the name, Hannah Hightman. This 17-year-old high school junior may just be the […]

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