Marketing News: Oscar-winning director shoots Apple ad using only iPhone!


Apple has just launched (on 29 Jun 2017) a 11-minute ad that’s shot entirely using the iPhone 7 Plus. Called “Détour”, the ad is shot by Oscar-winning, French indie director, screenwriter, and producer Michel Gondry.

Gondry is a critically acclaimed auteur known for having won an Oscar in 2005 for Best Writing, Original Screenplay for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He is also well known for his creative work on music videos for Radiohead, Björk, Beck, The Chemical Brothers and The White Stripes.

Gondry’s charming and whimsical 11-minute ad for Apple captures a family going on their road trip vacation to Marseille. As they leave home, the youngest daughter reminds Daddy not to forget her tricycle. Along the journey, the tricycle comes loose, and the story then takes us along two different forks — one documenting the little girl who pines for her lost trike, and the other is a narrative that follows the journeys and adventures of the tricycle.

“Détour” can be viewed on the French and UK Apple websites and on the sites, you can learn movie making techniques such as time-lapse, slow-mo and stop-motion that Gondry uses to create this ad.

It’s not often that one gets access to a free filmmaking masterclass from an Oscar-winning director so we highly recommend that you check out the links now!


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