Sweet Giveaways


Email marketing is a super effective marketing tool but in order for it to work well, we need to keep growing our email subscriber list. This is a key KPI for us Marketeers.

You can’t just put a email signup box and expect people to sign up in droves. You need to offer them an incentive. You’ve got to give them something. Hey, you don’t expect to get something for nothing right?

By offering them a “sweet treat” that they want, it helps to overcome any hesitation or reluctance that they may have in giving you their email address. Sure, you can call it a bribe, but we prefer to call it an incentive.

Here are 5 irresistible incentives you can offer to grow your subscriber list!



Offer your customers the promise to regular, free, useful and compelling content. Even better if this content is exclusive only to email subscribers. The key to great content is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What will they find useful? What will they find interesting? That’s what you should offer them. Not sure what makes good EDM content? You can check out our our post here!



Ebooks are great to use as “bait”. It’s something that many people will find enticing. Let’s say your company sells photographic equipment like cameras. Well then, you can offer a free ebook on how to take better portraits. Later on, offer another ebook on how to take better sports and action photos. Ebooks offer the promise of being a one-stop compendium of everything your customer needs to know about a particular subject.



In today’s hurried world, we all want things quicker, easier and more digestible. Cheat sheets are like condensed and distilled ebooks that contain only the most vital information. Using the same example of a company that sells photographic equipment, they can offer a cheat sheet on exposure settings, on aperture, shutter speed etc.

Think about what useful specialist knowledge your company can offer to your customers.



Checklists are also very useful. Many people are lazy to think through the problems they have and so a checklist is very much appreciated because it saves them from having to think.

If you are a travel related company, you can for example, offer a checklist on what to pack if you are travelling with kids. A healthcare company can offer a checklist on what items you need in a first aid box.

Even if your company is B2B, you can still think of checklists that your customers will find useful. It might be a safety equipment checklist for example.



Discount coupons and deals are almost always the most successful incentives to offer when it comes to getting your customers to give you their email address. EVERYONE wants a good deal… well almost everyone. There are certainly a few exceptions to this rule but more often that not, offering a private pipeline to deals will work.

Incentives should be regularly rotated and tested in order for you to learn what works best. Whichever incentive you use, don’t forget to advertise it on your site and on your social media streams.


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