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Bald Men Are Sexier

By Khim | 28 Feb 2017

One key metric in content marketing on social media is the number of shares a post receives. As Marketeers, this […]

Aristotle Was A Marketing Genius

By Khim | 22 Feb 2017

Persuasion and marketing are closely intertwined. As a Marketeer, a strong understanding of persuasion will help you convince your audience […]

Unless You Are Cristiano Ronaldo…

By Khim | 13 Feb 2017

Every social media marketeer has been obsessing with having more and more Facebook followers. Certainly, this is a common KPI […]

Your Email Font Is Hard To Read

By Khim | 06 Feb 2017

Are you guilty of using the default font choice in your email? Email typography is one of the most important […]

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