Longer isn’t Always Better


Does your company have a corporate E-Newsletter? E-Newsletters are a great marketing communications tool but we’ve seen too many that are sales-centric rather than value-centric. To find our how you can produce a E-Newsletter that your clients will ACTUALLY want to receive, read on!



A HTML E-Newsletter is basically like a microsite that has it’s content updated regularly. And like a website, we need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly, meaning it must be able to be viewed meaningfully from a tablet or smartphone.

As is, more and more people are accessing E-Newsletters while they are out and about and on the go. Even if smartphone users are not presently your biggest target demographic now, in time they will be.

You want to give your readers a good experience reading your E-Newsletter so it will need to be mobile-responsive such that the layout can adapt to being viewed on either a smartphone or on a desktop.


For the mobile version, make sure that the design elements function well when viewed on a small screen. Check that your buttons are big enough to be easily clicked. This is a very common mistake that we see all the time.



Having lots of beautiful high-res images can really help to lift the layout. However, you need to be mindful that having many high-res images can adversely affect loading time. Having a long load time can easily turn people off and this will certainly affect readership of your E-Newsletter. A good understanding of your readers’ internet bandwidth will help you better gauge how many images you should use and the ideal resolution you want your images to be in. In addition, be mindful of the bandwidth for readers who may be viewing on mobile devices.



This should be the first step in thinking about whether you should even have an E-Newsletter. If you think the only purpose of your E-Newsletter is to be a vehicle for your company to shove product information down your customer’s throats well then, your Newsletter is not going to be well-liked will it?

You need to think about whether the content of your E-Newsletter can add value to the recipient. What insights can they learn from you as a trusted industry expert that they can’t from elsewhere? Once you have valuable content that they enjoy receiving, then you will earn the right to occasionally send them your marketing messages.

A good rule of thumb is have at least 66% of the content provide value and at most 33% to be promotional. As an example, let’s take a shoe brand like Charles & Keith. Their E-Newsletter content should not just be about the latest range of heels that they are rolling out this season. They should also put out educational content like “How to pair wedge heels with the right outfits”.

Focus on giving your readers educational, relevant and useful information. The point of an E-Newsletter isn’t to make a sale, it’s to build a relationship with your readers, to engage, entertain or educate. And with any luck, these will eventually lead to a sale.



You should limit scroll downs in your E-Newsletter to a maximum of three scrolls. If your E-Newsletter is too long, readers may get turned off. Remember, this is the internet and on the internet, people have short attention spans.



Social media is a critical tool to boost engagement rates for E-Newsletters. Make sure you have social media share buttons on every article on your E-Newsletter so that readers who find the content useful can share it with others. That’s how you increase readership! In fact, you should approach every article with the aim of making it super share worthy!


You should also promote the articles through social media. This is a great way for you to increase readership for your E-Newsletter.