You’ve managed to get more traffic to your site, your email marketing and social media marketing is rocking but without a good lead conversion strategy, you’re just leaving money on the table.

Lead conversion helps you move prospects from high up the sales funnel down to where you want them; where they become your customers. The mistake that many companies make is that they focus their marketing solely on getting more leads into the top of the sales funnel. The problem arises because new leads aren’t always ready to make their purchase.

Without a solid lead conversion plan, your lead will be lost or worse, be taken up by your competitors. Our lead conversion strategies prevent this leakage by nurturing your leads with good and relevant content. We continue to build relationships and trust with your leads. And coupled with insights gained through analytics, we are able to convert these leads into your customers. In short, we help you find the right buyers at the right time.


Email marketing is a great tool for lead nurturing and allowing you to have a continued conversation with your prospect after they’ve entered your sales funnel.

This helps increase lead conversion rates, increase sales and shortens the sales cycle.


With social media, unless you have a sizeable budget to spend on boosting your posts, invariably your marketing message will only be seen by a small percentage. Even if it gets sent to your customer, it may even be lost in the abyss of marketing messages on your customer’s timeline. With email marketing, everyone who subscribed to your email list with a legitimate email address WILL receive your email.

And when you combine it with social media marketing, you further increase your conversion rates! Email marketing is a superb way for you to build and continue a relationship with your customers.


We offer the full spectrum of email and content marketing services including Design, Editorial, Photography, Videography and Analytics. Some of our clients include Citibank IPB Singapore, Fish & Co., Thales Asia, Vivo Optics as well as Rolls Royce Marine.

We specialise in Content Creation especially on digital platforms. The bulk of our work is the production of content creatives for our clients’ e-newsletters, e-magazines, EDMs and websites.

At Zeitguys Media, our work on EDMs start with consultancy on the best communication strategy, the right voice for your brand and we can even help you come up with content for a full year!

Following that, we then come up with beautiful and effective designs that communicate the right look and feel for our clients. Our editorial team will work on content that Engages, Excites or Educates your audience. We make sure that beyond communicating a key message, we drive traffic to your website to help with conversion. We want to help you turn a prospect into a customer.

At the end of the process, we analyse the results to derive insights that will help us to refine our marketing messages to your audience.


To help our clients turn traffic and leads into sales, we are also able to implement Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads.

With so much advertising online and on Facebook, consumers can easily become immune to ads. The way to successful advertising and more conversions is to make your ads better. That’s where Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads come in. They make your ads more targeted and more relevant.

You can show your customers specific products that are tailored to their interests. You can retarget prospects to help encourage them to complete their purchase by showing them items they’ve viewed but didn’t buy.

As Hootsuite puts it, “Facebook’s dynamic product ads are more like remarketing display ads on steroids, targeting users based on past actions (or inactions) on the advertiser’s website or application with a perfectly timed ad.”

Using both Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads, you will deliver the right marketing message, to the right person, at the right time. And there’s no better way to turn leads into sales!


We use Google retargeting to help our clients to re-engage their leads. We help to keep your brand and products in your prospect’s view and stay in their minds after they have been to your site. This helps prompt your leads to re-visit and gives us an opportunity to convert them into your customers.

With Google retargeting, we can target specific leads and we can even show them the specific products that they were previously looking at. This is a very cost effective marketing strategy as you can narrowcast to your desired leads in a more relevant and targeted way.


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