How do you 10x your sales? Well, first you need to get your brand in front of more eyeballs. You need more traffic and more exposure.

We are email and content marketing experts with more than 18 years experience in helping our clients to market themselves to their customers.

We help businesses to increase their visibility and gain exposure to more potential customers. This is done with Content Marketing through Email and on social media channels like Facebook.

In this digital age, compelling content has become even more important to successful marketing. In order to boost brand visibility, businesses need to create compelling content that’s consistent and relevant. It must resonate with your target audience.


We may be in the age of social media marketing but email marketing is STILL a must-have in every company’s marketing toolbox. In our opinion, it is THE most effective tool.


With social media, unless you have a sizeable budget to spend on boosting your posts, invariably your marketing message will only be seen by a small percentage. Even if it gets sent to your customer, it may even be lost in the abyss of marketing messages on your customer’s timeline. With email marketing, everyone who subscribed to your email list with a legitimate email address WILL receive your email.

And when you combine it with social media marketing, you further increase your conversion rates! Email marketing is a superb way for you to build and continue a relationship with your customers.


We offer the full spectrum of email marketing services including Design, Editorial, Photography, Videography and Analytics. Some of our clients include Citibank IPB Singapore, Fish & Co., Thales Asia, Vivo Optics as well as Rolls Royce Marine.

We specialise in Content Creation on both print and digital platforms. The bulk of our work is the production of content creatives for our clients’ e-newsletters, e-magazines, EDMs and websites.

At Zeitguys Media, our work on EDMs start with consultancy on the best communication strategy, the right voice for your brand and we can even help you come up with content for a full year!

Following that, we then come up with beautiful and effective designs that communicate the right look and feel for our clients. Our editorial team will work on content that Engages, Excites or Educates your audience. We make sure that beyond communicating a key message, we drive traffic to your website to help with conversion. We want to help you turn a prospect into a customer.

At the end of the process, we analyse the results to derive insights that will help us to refine our marketing messages to your audience.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are fast becoming essential channels and ‘touchpoints’ for companies and brands to communicate with customers.


Facebook Marketing & Advertising is so effective because the platform captures so much information about their users. And because we are able to have a good understanding of the audience, it gives us the ability to be much more specific and targeted compared to traditional digital advertising platforms.

Being highly targeted helps to increase the rate of conversion on your marketing and advertising and get your message to the specific demographic that you’re looking to reach.


We help you to develop a customised Facebook marketing strategy that helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and drive traffic to your website by putting your brand in front of the right audience. Remember, a great social media strategy isn’t just about numbers – it’s about community building and marketing your business to the right people.

Zeitguys Media produces content to help our clients project the right ‘voice’, communicate key brand messages and develop a online relationship with their community.

Further, we help our clients to conceptualise, manage and execute successful social media advertising campaigns for our clients such as premium kidswear online retailer Angelibebe and bottled craft cocktail maker Sunday Punch.


If your company is based in Singapore, we also provide consultancy on how you can utilise government grants to stretch your marketing dollar. We have already successfully helped our clients secure funding from these government grants. Talk to us to see how we can help you start utilising social media as a effective sales channel.


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