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Zeitgeist NOUN The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. oxforddictionaries.com

Zeitguys Media “INNOVATION, IDEATION & IMAGINATION” Driven by innovation and imagination, our mission is to be a media company whose ideas are always at the forefront of the world's zeitgeist.

Zeitguys Media was started by two friends, Winston and Khim, as a platform to put into practice our skills and knowledge gained from more than 17 years in the media industry. We wanted to showcase our expertise in writing, design, photography, social media, publishing, marketing and communications.

Our first project was SousVideGuys.com. Since discovering the exciting world of sous vide cooking in 2014, we’ve been frustrated by the lack of good content on the internet on this amazing culinary technique. As we were sharing with friends and family our tips on sous vide cooking, we were inspired to create this site so that we would have a platform to easily share our passion; not only with those we know but with the whole world!

Being aspiring home chefs and sous vide enthusiasts, we felt that the sous vide industry needed a definitive and independent online resource. And so SousVideGuys.com was launched at the start of 2015. We hope that sous vide fans will come to see us as their preferred resource for all things sous vide.

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    Winston Lee
    Khim Yap


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